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Rebecca Forstadt, probably better known for being the voice of Lynn Minmei in Robotech (under the name Reba West)—but she is also credited for over eighty voiceworks on the IMDb, has just started a blog and a Facebook group:




PA #97 & new orders shipped

PA97All orders received between 2008/08/08 and 2008/08/22 and orders for Protoculture Addicts #97 (including single copies, subscriptions and distributors' copies) have been shipped.

Distributors (like Diamond Comics Distributor) were shipped last week and got their copies earlier this week. Therefore the magazine should be in comic book stores this week-end (or by the middle of next week).

Canadian subscriptions & small distributors copies shipped yesterday by Canada Post standard lettermail. Canadian subscribers should expect to receive their copies within a few days to a week.

US & Intl standard subscriptions shipped yesterday by Canada Post surface mail and subscribers should expect their copies within 2 to 4 weeks in the USA and within 3 to 6+ weeks overseas.

US & Intl First Class subscriptions, comp list & small distributors copies shipped today by USPS First Class and Priority Mail. First Class / Air Mail subscribers should expect their copies within 2 to 10 days in the USA and within 6 to 10 days overseas.

If you cannot find the magazine in your local stores you can order it directly from us. Remember: the best way to support the magazine is by the word of mouth. Tell your friends about Protoculture Addicts and encourage them to buy it as well.

More information on this issue is available on the Protoculture Addicts #97 web page (click the links for details). It's a pretty good issue and we hope you will enjoy it!

As usual, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please let us know what you think of this issue either by e-mail or in the forum!


New orders shipped 2008/08/08

All back issues' orders received between 2008/06/26 and 2008/08/07 shipped today.

That excludes all #97 single-issue and subscription orders that will ship a little later.


Update on delayed orders

Our quite small staff was so busy with the production of the magazine lately that we couldn't process orders for a while. All orders received since 2008/6/26 were delayed because of this. We apologize for this delay.

We have now started processing those orders. Some should ship at the end of the week and we should be done catching up on this delay in processing by August 22nd.

For new subscribers, your subscription is starting with the next issue to be released, Protoculture Addicts #97, which is currently at the printer and should ship soon.

Again, we are sorry for this delay and any inconveniences it may have caused you.

We strongly recommand to all our customers to carefully read the information on the web page (shipping policy and Order Status entries) before ordering and to contact us directly if they have a problem. If you have questions about the status of your order, please read this blog entry first.

For now, it is useless to email us inquiries about your order (particularly if your order is less than two weeks old! The use of the internet really makes people impatient...). We cannot process orders if we are all busy answering emails about order status! It is even more useless to file a dispute or claim with PayPal before even emailing us to inquire about the status of your order. First, doing so is rather impolite and, since PayPal freeze the payment for three weeks when a dispute is filed, it will only cause further delay for your order.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Momiji Award

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