The catalog section has just been updated. Besides the few aesthetic improvements, the changes affect mostly our Canadian customers.

From now on, Canadian transactions will be charged in Canadian dollars (that way we don't have to constantly adjust the exchange rate). We have also adjusted the GST rate.

For most Canadian customer, the tax is applied to the transaction only at the check out. In Quebec, the taxes are already calculated in the shopping cart as an handling charge (PayPal system does allow the automatic calculation of two taxes, even less the complex piggyback tax used in Quebec).

This should brings easier and smoother transactions both for us and the customers. Let us know if you are experiencing any problems with your purchases.

More updates should come over the coming weeks. Stay Tuned!


Feedback Please

PA#88 has now been in stores for a while and all North American subscribers should have received their copies. So I would like to remind all our readers that we would like to hear their comments on the “new look” of the magazine. We are planning more improvements with the next issue and we need your feedback in order to know if we are on the right track and what more you would like us to change.

So, what do you think about the new layout? Do you have any suggestions for more improvements? What's your favorite section of the magazine? What section do you dislike? Do you want more or less news? Do you want more or less reviews? Do you want longer or shorter reviews? Do you want more manga preview? More or less anime stories? etc.

You can express you opinion on the new layout by sending us e-mail at comments@protoculture.ca or by participating in the PA forum on Anime News Network.

Thank you all in advance for your support, comments and suggestions.

And remember: the best way to support the magazine is by the word of mouth. Tell your friends about Protoculture Addicts and encourage them to buy it as well.



Over the years, some people complained that the main page of the site was rather boring, so I decided to update it a little. It's hardly an improvement, but it's slightly different (Although a mispelled code made it colorless for the past week and I didn't realize it until yesterday since Safari is interpreting the code right). I hope it will do for now. Anyway, the purpose of the main page is to attract attention and give basic information about the magazine. Its aesthetic is rather secundary (particularly when we are busy making the magazine itself looking better). In any case, PA's web page will eventually be integrated with ANN web site.

However, in the following month, we will add some new content to the website and will also update the catalog of back issues. Stay tuned!