Sci-Fi Anime

Sci-Fi Anime, one of the rare anime-related specialized stores in the Montreal area (along with Marché Clandestin and Mangaya) has just moved to a new location:

2186 Ste-Catherine W
Montreal, Qc H3H 1H7
(514) 482-7844


Otakuthon 2007

I would like to remind you that Otakuthon, the only anime convention in Montreal, will be held at Concordia university on August 4 & 5. Check their website for details and, if you live in the Montreal area, come meet us there!


PA #92 is all shipped

Protoculture Addicts #92 has now been shipped or mailed to all subscribers, distributors and stores so it should be on your doorsteps or in your local stores (if it is not already there, it should arrive pretty soon). The shipping was delayed by a string of holidays, long week-ends and technical problems at the printer, but copies for distributors shipped two weeks ago and subscription copies were mailed last week. Also all orders (back issues, single copies of #92, books) received since June 2nd were shipped by First Class mail on Friday (7/20/07).

I've seen #92 at the Multimag near metro Concordia in downtown Montreal, which means that it is definitely in stores in Canada -- and it should also be the case very soon in the U.S. Look for it in most comic book stores and in a selection of bookstores (like Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc., for the USA and Chapters, Indigo, etc., for Canada).

Remember: regular subscription are sent by surface mail (save if you have a first class or air mail subsciption), so subscribers should expect to receive their copies within 1 to 2 weeks in Canada, 2 to 4 weeks in USA (within a week for First Class subscribers) and 3 to 6 weeks overseas (1 to 2 weeks for Air Mail subscribers). Please don't email us to inquire about the status of your order until this shipping period has passed. Check this blog entry for details.

Finally, you can let us know if you see PA#92 in your local store, how long it took for your subscription copy to arrive or what you think of this issue, by e-mail or in the forum!



The Best Way To Sample The New Full Color Format!

PA88Protoculture Addicts #88 was the first issue of the magazine to be released with the new 100-page, full color format.

It is now available as a downloadable eBook from Drive Thru RPG, and that makes PA #88 the perfect issue to sample the new Protoculture Addicts format!

If you are new to Protoculture Addicts, maybe you cannot find the magazine in a local store to browse through it in order to see by yourself what it is all about and you are hesitant to order it by mail without knowing what you will be getting.

If you are in this situation, your dilemma is over. You can now download a complete version of PA #88 as a PDF file for just a fraction of the cover price!

In a store you would pay this issue $5.95 ($6.95 if you mail-order) while you can get the eBook at Drive Thru RPG for only $4.99 US. Even better, if you order here (or from the Protoculture online catalog) you will pay only $3.99 US !

And if you are already familiar with the magazine, this is also a good occasion to acquire PA #88 at a better price and enjoy the great portability that eBooks offer if you have a laptop, a PDA, an iPod, or any other portable devices that can read PDF files.

Three New eBooks

There is now a total of 38 eBook titles available for Protoculture Addicts on Drive Thru RPG! The latest additions are issues #65, 66 and 88.

Click the images to order them with a special discount ($2.99 US for old b&w issues and $3.99 US for the new full color format):



New: Annual PA Compilation for 2005

PA2005Protoculture Addicts 2005 is a new eBook that compiles together all Protoculture Addicts issues released in 2005: from #82 to #87. It offers 458 pages of great anime articles and reviews for only $14.99 US (that's half the regular cover price) !

In a store, all those issues would cost you $29.70 (or $35.60 with shipping) and if you would purchase it on Drive Thru RPG at the regular eBook price you would pay $19.99 US! However, if you order from here, on Protoculture's webpage, you will get an exclusive discount. Click on the icon to purchase:

More Protoculture Addicts eBooks Available

There is now a total of 34 issues of Protoculture Addicts available in eBook format from Drive Thru RPG! The latest additions are issues #85, 86 and 87. Click the images to order them with the new special discount at $2.99 US each (instead of $3.99):


Special Discount for eBooks

You can now get Protoculture Addicts eBooks at a special discount if you order from the Protoculture web page.

If ordered from the Protoculture online catalog the Protoculture Addicts Xtra #1 eBook is now only $0.99 US (instead of $1.99) and the magazine back issues are $2.99 US (instead of $3.99).

This is the perfect occasion to sample the magazine if you are new to Protoculture Addicts and are curious about the kind of content it offers. Of course, the back issues don't reflect the current look of the magazine since none of the issues with the new & improved color format are available yet. However, #88, the first 100-page full color issue, should be available soon.

If you are already familiar with the magazine, this new discount is also a good occasion to acquire the eBooks at a better price. eBooks are PDF files that offer great portability if you have a laptop, a PDA or an iPod.