Subscribers: How long does it takes to get your copy?

Considering that we were surprised to learned that some subscribers in the Middle-East got their latest copy of the magazine only recently, we started to wonder how long does it takes to our subscribers to get their copies.

Consequently, we would like our subscribers to give us some feedback on how long it takes their subscription copies to be delivered. We would need to know in which country, state and city you live and how long (in weeks) it took for PA#88 to be delivered (considering that it was shipped on June 5th).

You can give us feedback on your subscription delivery by sending us e-mail at comments@protoculture.ca or by participating in the PA forum on Anime News Network.

Thank you all in advance for your feedback. It will help us continue to offer the best possible service.


New Overseas Subscription Option

Overseas subscriptions are shipped by surface mail and should take about 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

However, we recently learned that for some far-away overseas destination, like Africa or Middle-East, it might take up to 10 weeks. So we have added a more expensive Overseas Air Mail option that should take only about 2 weeks.

In addition to the Standard Overseas Subscription ($30 US subscription plus $15 US extra for shipping cost for a total of $45 US) we now offer a new Air Mail Overseas Subscription ($30 US subscription plus $50 US of extra shipping cost for a total of $80 US) for those international customers who don't mind paying extra for a speedy delivery.

Go to the subscription information page to subscribe.



The distribution information has just been updated.


In the meantime, some more PA eBooks!

There is now a total of 31 issues of Protoculture Addicts available in the eBook format from Drive Thru RPG! The latest additions are issues #62, 63, 64, 83 & 84:

More Protoculture Addicts issues in eBook format will be available later.



Most of the projects and updates scheduled for this summer have been delayed.

Unfortunately, my wife was diagnosed with a cancer in June. After several weeks of intensive tests, she was finally operated in July and, after a ten-day stay at the hospital that felt like hell, she is now home and resting. She is fine, but I have to take care of her (and such ordeal was mentally and physically draining for both of us).

I will dedicate my remaining available time to ship orders, perform minimum web maintenance and work on the production of PA#89 (still scheduled for November). I'll try to add new contents to the web site and make updates whenever possible (most likely in-between issues). Sorry folks, life happens! [CJP]