PA's Editor-in-chief to receive Momiji Award

Anime North will honor Protoculture Addicts' founder and Editor-in-chief, Claude J Pelletier, with the Momiji Award at the May 23-25 2008 convention in Toronto, Canada.

This Canadian Award honours “people who laid the foundations and helped to nurture the world-wide love of anime and manga that we all share.” The Award was previously presented to Fred Ladd (2001), Tezuka Studio's Takayuki Matsutani (2002), Frank Miller (2003), Hayao Miyazaki & Studio Ghibli (2004), Carl Macek (2005), Go Nagai (2006), and Peter Fernandez & Corinne Orr (2007).

Claude J Pelletier will also be a guest at Otakuthon (July 26-27) and Chibi-PA (September 27-28).

More information on Anime News Network.

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