PA#89 shipping soon!

Protoculture Addicts #89 is shipping imminently. It was slightly delayed because of technical problems at the printer, but it should be on its way to subscribers and stores within a week. Check the web page for more details on this issue.

To get a copy you can either order it directly from us, get a subscription or check you local store. If they are not carrying the magazine, please encourage them to do so. Retailers can order it directly from us or they can order it from several distributors (our web page has a list of distributors that carry the magazine).

Remember: the best way to support the magazine is by the word of mouth. Tell your friends about Protoculture Addicts and encourage them to buy it as well.


Larger Distribution for PA's eBooks

Recently it was announced that our eBooks “distributor,” Drive Thru RPG, merged with its former competitor, RPG Now. That means PA's eBooks have now a larger distribution, being available from both websites.

So far, there is 31 issues of Protoculture Addicts available in the eBook format from both Drive Thru RPG and RPG Now. Check them out!