New orders shipped 2007/10/26

All the orders received between 10/19/07 and 10/25/07 shipped yesterday.

And, please, don't forget to give us some feedback on #93 either via e-mail or in the forum! It would be greatly appreciated.


New orders shipped 10/19/07

All the orders received between 10/12/07 and 10/18/07 shipped today.


PA#93 shipped

Protoculture Addicts #93 has now been shipped or mailed to all distributors (two weeks ago), subscribers and stores (last week) so it should be on your doorsteps or in your local stores pretty soon. All the orders received between late August and last week were also shipped at the same time. There was again a snafu with Canada Post, but it was quickly caught and fixed.

Keep in mind that regular subscriptions are sent by surface mail (save if you have a first class or air mail subscription), so subscribers should expect to receive their copies within 1 to 2 weeks in Canada, 2 to 4 weeks in USA (within a week for First Class subscribers) and 3 to 6 weeks overseas (1 to 2 weeks for Air Mail subscribers). Please don't email us to inquire about the status of your order until this shipping period has passed. Check this blog entry for details.

Finally, you can let us know if you see PA#93 in your local store, how long it took for your subscription copy to arrive or what you think of this issue, by e-mail or in the forum! Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.




Because we were quite busy with the production of issue #93, all the orders received in the last month or so will ship along with PA #93 next week.

We apologize for the inconvenience of this delay and thank you for your patience, understanding and support.


Subscription Problem

We had lots of problems with the subscription mailing for issue #92. Many envelopes apparently got lost and Canada Post screwed up big time by mailing some copies without any postage! However, most of the problems have been solved as we resent all the envelopes that came back to us.

But if you still have not received your subscription copies for issue #92 you should contact us.



PA93Protoculture Addicts #93 is now available for order.

To get a copy you can either order it directly from us, get a subscription or check your local store. If they are not carrying the magazine, please encourage them to do so. Retailers can order it directly from us or they can order it from several distributors (our web page has a list of distributors that carry the magazine). Remember: the best way to support the magazine is by the word of mouth. Tell your friends about Protoculture Addicts and encourage them to buy it as well.

We have just updated all the information related to Protoculture Addicts #93 on the web page (click the links for details).

The magazine will ship early next week and should be in stores by the middle of October.