New orders shipped 2008/1/22

All the orders received between 2008/1/10 and 2008/1/21 shipped today.


Update 2008/01/12

The Special Deals section of the Catalog, as well as the How To Order and Ordering & Shipping Policy pages have been updated. Please have a look.

The release schedule was also updated.


New orders shipped 2008/1/11

All the orders received between 2007/12/18 and 2008/1/9 shipped today.


New Protoculture Addicts eBooks Available

There is now a total of 42 issues of Protoculture Addicts available in eBook format from Drive Thru RPG! The latest additions are issues #50, 89 and 90.

Click the images to order them with a special discount of $2.99 US (instead of $3.99) for #50 and $3.99 US each (instead of $4.99) for #89-90:


Issue #50 was celebrating the 10th anniversary of the magazine with features on Macross 7 and Robotech. It is a great companion to #94 (the 20th Anniversary issue).

Both issues #89 (Ultimate Hellsing, Mushishi, Voltron) and #90 (Haruhi Suzumiya, Top 9 Directors, Visual Novels) are an excellent way to sample the new full color format of the magazine at a great discount.


Update 2008/01/01

The catalog has been adjusted to reflect the tax change in Canada.