PA #96 in stores

Protoculture Addicts #96 has now been shipped or mailed to all distributors (last week) and subscribers (this week). Therefore, in most cases, it should be on your doorsteps or in your local stores by the end of the month -- if not already.

Please keep in mind that regular subscriptions are sent by surface mail (unless you have a first class or air mail subscription), so subscribers should expect to receive their copies within a few days to a week in Canada, 2 to 4 weeks in the USA (within a few days for First Class subscribers) and 3 to 6+ weeks overseas (1 to 2 weeks for Air Mail subscribers). Please don't email us to inquire about the status of your order until this shipping period has passed. Check the order status note on our blog or our Ordering & Shipping Policy for details.

As usual, your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Please let us know of any sighting of PA #96 in your local stores, how long it took for your subscription copy to arrive or what you think of this issue, by e-mail or in the forum!

We are quite satisfied with this issue (the best we've ever made!!!) and hope you will enjoy it.

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