Increase of International Shipping Cost

Unfortunately, due to a recent increase of the postage prices in both Canada and USA, we must reprice our International shipping cost. This increase affects only the International / Overseas orders and only the new (and heavier) color format of the magazine (PA#88+). It does not affect the subscription rate.

The international shipping cost for a single issue of the magazine goes up from $3.00 US to $6.00 US, bringing the total cost of an issue to $11.95 US. However, because of the disappearance of the surface rate (save for the bulk surface rate used for the surface mail subscriptions), orders will now be sent by air mail.

The shipping cost for US and Canadian orders & subscriptions remains the same.


The catalog, subscription and upcoming issues pages have been updated.


PA#91 is out!

Now that all the copies of Protoculture Addicts #91 have shipped or been mailed to subscribers, distributors and stores (big distributors copies went out early last week, subscriptions went out earlier this week and small distributors, recent orders, comp list copies were mailed today), the magazine should appear on your doorsteps or in stores pretty soon. Get ready!

As usual it should be available in most comic book stores and in a selection of bookstores (like Barnes & Noble, Borders, etc., for the USA and Chapters, Indigo, etc., for Canada). Regular subscription are sent by surface mail, so subscribers should expect to receive their copies within 1 to 2 weeks in Canada, 2 to 4 weeks in USA (within a week for First Class subscribers) and 3 to 6 weeks overseas.

Finally, you can let us know if you see PA#91 in your local store, how long it took for your subscription copy to arrive or what you think of this issue, by e-mail or in the forum!



New Montreal Manga Store!

The anime store Marché Clandestin has spawned a manga store.

The Marché Clandestin MANGAYA is conveniently located just above the Marché Clandestin: 325 Ontario Est, Suite 101, Montreal, Qc, H2X 1H7 (Ph: (514) 510-6507; Web: www.mcanime.com/mangaya/). It is open Monday to Saturday, from noon to 7 pm. It is near the Berri-UQAM métro station.

As far as I know it is the first store in Montreal to specialize only in manga - both in French and in English (and eventually in Japanese too!). It covers all genres: shojo, shonen, yaoi, yuri, seinen, etc., and even carries novels. They have a special: buy 10 manga and get one free (of a value up to $12.95 Can).

It has just opened so the place is small and they don't have a large selection yet, but they already have a nice choice of manga and many titles that you would never see in your regular book store. It is REALLY worth checking out.


Orders Shipped

All back issue orders received in April were shipped today. We are sorry for the delay in shipping those orders. We were busy finishing the latest issue of the magazine.

Also, PA#91 shipped to all major distributors and retailers earlier this week. Depending on the store, the magazine should hit the shelves in one to three weeks.

Copies for smaller distributors and retailers as well as subscriptions and recent orders will ship next week.

If you want to upgrade your subscription and want it effective with #91 please do so before May 7th.


Change of Address

The relocation and downsizing of our postal office has unfortunately forced us to change our postal address. Here is our new address in Canada (the parts that changed are in red):

P.O. Box 143, Station B
Montreal, Qc
Canada, H3B 3J5

For the convenience of our U.S. customers, we have also added a postal address in the U.S.A.:

P.O. Box 507
Champlain, NY 12919-0507

Please update those information in your files.


First Class (Air Mail) Subscription

Regular subscriptions for the USA and overseas are sent by surface mail (which can take from 2 to 6 weeks for delivery). However, for those who think that surface mail is too slow, we had already added an Air Mail option for the International Subscription (see “New Overseas Subscription Option”) and we are now adding a similar option for the U.S. Subscription.

Now, for $40 US you can get a U.S. First Class Subscription. With this option, U.S. subscriptions should be delivered within a week (check the subscription page to order).

An upgrade program is also available to allow regular subscribers (Surface Mail) to switch to a First Class (Air Mail) subscription:

• U.S. upgrade cost $2 U.S. per remaining issue of the subscription
• International upgrade cost $6 U.S. per remaining issue of the subscription

Please email us to set up the upgrade (give us your name and address, so we can determine how many issues are left to your subscription and we will email back to you with the cost and how to make the payment).



PA91Protoculture Addicts #91 is now available for order.

To get a copy you can either order it directly from us, get a subscription or check your local store. If they are not carrying the magazine, please encourage them to do so. Retailers can order it directly from us or they can order it from several distributors (our web page has a list of distributors that carry the magazine). Remember: the best way to support the magazine is by the word of mouth. Tell your friends about Protoculture Addicts and encourage them to buy it as well.

We have just updated all the information related to Protoculture Addicts #91 on the web page (click the links for details) as well as performed several other small updates.