New Montreal Manga Store!

The anime store Marché Clandestin has spawned a manga store.

The Marché Clandestin MANGAYA is conveniently located just above the Marché Clandestin: 325 Ontario Est, Suite 101, Montreal, Qc, H2X 1H7 (Ph: (514) 510-6507; Web: www.mcanime.com/mangaya/). It is open Monday to Saturday, from noon to 7 pm. It is near the Berri-UQAM métro station.

As far as I know it is the first store in Montreal to specialize only in manga - both in French and in English (and eventually in Japanese too!). It covers all genres: shojo, shonen, yaoi, yuri, seinen, etc., and even carries novels. They have a special: buy 10 manga and get one free (of a value up to $12.95 Can).

It has just opened so the place is small and they don't have a large selection yet, but they already have a nice choice of manga and many titles that you would never see in your regular book store. It is REALLY worth checking out.


Anonymous said...

FINALLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYY. jesus christ i havent seen a manga shop since EVER!!!! so happy i can finnaly buy sum english mangas instead of downloading or reading em in french

Anonymous said...

Oh, so far away from my house in the west island. I've got no time to go downtown nowadays.
Anyways it's a relief to know there's a manga shop in Montreal. I wont have to order everything online now.

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