First Class (Air Mail) Subscription

Regular subscriptions for the USA and overseas are sent by surface mail (which can take from 2 to 6 weeks for delivery). However, for those who think that surface mail is too slow, we had already added an Air Mail option for the International Subscription (see “New Overseas Subscription Option”) and we are now adding a similar option for the U.S. Subscription.

Now, for $40 US you can get a U.S. First Class Subscription. With this option, U.S. subscriptions should be delivered within a week (check the subscription page to order).

An upgrade program is also available to allow regular subscribers (Surface Mail) to switch to a First Class (Air Mail) subscription:

• U.S. upgrade cost $2 U.S. per remaining issue of the subscription
• International upgrade cost $6 U.S. per remaining issue of the subscription

Please email us to set up the upgrade (give us your name and address, so we can determine how many issues are left to your subscription and we will email back to you with the cost and how to make the payment).


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