The Best Way To Sample The New Full Color Format!

PA88Protoculture Addicts #88 was the first issue of the magazine to be released with the new 100-page, full color format.

It is now available as a downloadable eBook from Drive Thru RPG, and that makes PA #88 the perfect issue to sample the new Protoculture Addicts format!

If you are new to Protoculture Addicts, maybe you cannot find the magazine in a local store to browse through it in order to see by yourself what it is all about and you are hesitant to order it by mail without knowing what you will be getting.

If you are in this situation, your dilemma is over. You can now download a complete version of PA #88 as a PDF file for just a fraction of the cover price!

In a store you would pay this issue $5.95 ($6.95 if you mail-order) while you can get the eBook at Drive Thru RPG for only $4.99 US. Even better, if you order here (or from the Protoculture online catalog) you will pay only $3.99 US !

And if you are already familiar with the magazine, this is also a good occasion to acquire PA #88 at a better price and enjoy the great portability that eBooks offer if you have a laptop, a PDA, an iPod, or any other portable devices that can read PDF files.


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