New: eBook Compilation of the first 10 issues!

PAedThis new eBook compiles together the first ten (10) issues of Protoculture Addicts. It covers the early days of the magazine from its creation in Fall 1987 to the end of 1990. That's the period when the magazine was the “Official Robotech fanzine.”

It offers 362 pages for only $12.99 US (nearly half the combined cover price!) or $9.99 US if ordered from Protoculture's web site. All those issues have not been available in print for years! They are now made available in a single volume to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the magazine.

This volume contains short fanfics and comics, Robotech trivia, Uh?! (a series of funny articles that chronicles oddities in the Robotech TV series), optional RPG rules (Robotech, Mekton, Teenagers From Outer Space), plenty of news & reviews and cover several aspects of Robotech (The Zentraedi Way, What's Protoculture, Lyrics, comics, novels, etc.) but also of anime (Introduction to Japanimation, Project A-ko, OsamuTezuka, Iczer-One, Laputa, Megazone 23, Akira, Dangaio, Gunbuster, etc.). It also includes several interviews (Carl Macek, Kevin Siembieda, Jack McKinney, Toren Smith, Robert Napton & David Riddick, Jerry Beck, Tom Mason & Chris Ulm).

Going through those articles, news & reviews will allow you to retrace not only the beginnings of Protoculture Addicts but also the history of anime & manga in North America. It is a reading that is both amazing and amusing!

Purchased separately, all those issues would cost $23.25 (or $33.25 with shipping)! Purchase it now from Drive Thru RPG at the regular eBook price ($12.99 US) or from here (or anywhere else on Protoculture's webpage) with an exclusive discount (only $9.99 US). Click on the icon to purchase:

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