PA#90 is about to ship!

There was some small production delays (it always takes longer than planned, but the reorganization is starting to work and things gets done faster and faster), but Protoculture Addicts #90 is now printed and about to ship!

The orders for all the big distributors (those who need to re-distribute their copies to sub-distributors or large chain stores) will be shipped this week. Smaller distributors, stores and subscriptions will be shipped next week.

The new look of the magazine is starting to have an effect since the orders have increased substancially. We are also continuing to expend the distribution of the magazine into the book market. Keep you eyes opened and let us know when and where you see the magazine appear in your local store!

For more information on the contents of this issue check http://www.protoculture.ca/PA/PA90.htm


Magazine_Lover said...

Whoah! I know everyone else aside from magazine lovers like me are waiting for the new look of this magazine. Probably, everyone else will get a copy as soon as the new look of this magazine has been released.

audrey lefour said...

Thanks to your site I have just learned several things. Continue!

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