PA#88 is now at the printer!

Protoculture Addicts #88 is now at the printer. This is the first issue of the new, improved version of the magazine that offers more pages, in full color, with better quality of printing and the best and most informative of anime contents for both beginners and otakus. It is, more than ever, your best guide to anime culture!

PA88Protoculture Addicts, the oldest anime magazine still in publication in North America, is now 100-page, full color and retails for $5.95. This issue offers a spotlight on Basilisk and also introduces you to seven new anime series with “Anime Stories” on Bewitched Agnes (aka Okusama wa Mahou Shoujo), Blood +, Elemental Gelade, Gallery Fake, Gun Sword, Kamichu!, and TideLine Blue. For all those series you'll find an overview, the character profiles, a story primer that gives the synopses of the first few episodes, and a “data file” that lists staff & cast, release information, PA's ratings, etc.

This issue also includes a 20-page exclusive preview of Del Rey's manga ES: Eternal Sabbath, articles on Urusei Yatsura, Full Moon, j-rock band Triceratops, a convention guide (where to go and what to do at anime cons), interviews with The Big O mangaka Hitoshi Ariga, AnimEigo's Robert Woodhead and Viz Media's Alvin Lu, as well as reviews of anime & manga-related products (41 DVDs, 11 manga, 5 CDs, 4 live-action movies, 3 books) and the latest anime & manga news directly from Anime News Network newsdesk!

Protoculture's new improved formula will certainly quench your thirst for anime knowledge! Don't miss it!

And it is still time for you to subscribe or to order this issue!

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