PA92Protoculture Addicts #92 is now available for order.

To get a copy you can either order it directly from us, get a subscription or check your local store. If they are not carrying the magazine, please encourage them to do so. Retailers can order it directly from us or they can order it from several distributors (our web page has a list of distributors that carry the magazine). Remember: the best way to support the magazine is by the word of mouth. Tell your friends about Protoculture Addicts and encourage them to buy it as well.

We have just updated all the information related to Protoculture Addicts #92 on the web page (click the links for details) as well as performed several other small updates.


Fantasia 2007

Fantasia, North America's Premier Genre Film Festival, has announced today its 2007 programming. The 11th edition of the festival will be held July 5-23 in three theatres (Hall, J.A. DeSeve and D.B. Clarke) of Montreal's Concordia University. It will offer 120 features films, 10 documentaries and 22 programs of short features (totalling 250 local and international shorts). There will also be more than fifty guests. The Program Book will be on sale friday June 29th at the cost of $5. Tickets will be available for $7.50 or $65 for a booklet of 10 tickets.

The programming will include over sixty feature films from Asia (plus twenty-two short films): 27 from Japan (including 3 anime), 17 from Korea (including one animation), 10 from Hong Kong and 8 from other Asian countries (Thailand, China, Taiwan).

Again this year the festival offers only three Japanese animation features: Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex: Solid State Society, Naruto The Movie: Ninja Clash In The Land Of Snow, and Tekkon Kinkreet (dir. Michael Arias, animated by Studio 4' C).

For more details on the programming check this blog entry.

Have a nice festival!


PA#92 at the printer

Protoculture Addicts #92 went to the printer at the end of last week. It will be shipping between July 3rd & July 10th and should be in stores (and subscribers should start receiving their copy) by mid-July.

Check the blog or the web page for more details soon.


ANN's Poll about PA

For those who might have missed it, Anime News Network ran a poll asking their readers “Do You Read PA?”

Unfortunately, the poll is now closed, but you can see the results here.

The Poll has also generated some discussion on the forum.

Let us also remind you that you can discuss anything regarding the magazine on the Protoculture Addicts forum : what you think about the content of the latest issue, what you like or dislike about the magazine, what’s your favorite section of the magazine, your suggestions of articles, in which stores you've seen the magazine, how long it took to your subscription copy to reach you, etc.


Orders shipped

For those who are wondering, all the U.S. & International orders received between 2007/5/17 and 2007/06/01 shipped on Saturday (June 2nd) [if you have questions about the expected delivery time, please check this post]. New orders will most likely ship with PA#92 at the end of the month (for now, we are busy finishing the last details on next issue).