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Lately, we’ve been receiving LOTS of emails from people wondering when they would get their order (sometimes only two weeks after ordering). I know it is frustrating to wait for something when we are now so used to getting stuff instantly on the internet. Unfortunately, since teleportation has not been invented yet, we still have to send your orders by snail-mail and it takes time. Now, please consider that the magazine is put together by a quite small staff of volunteers and that processing & mailing orders is quite time-consuming.

Of course, we WILL always answer all order inquiries as quickly as possible—but please first check the information on our web page (like here on PA’s blog, or our updated ordering & shipping policy) before emailing us !

Here is some information to remember:

• We never send any confirmations for orders (if you ordered via PayPal, your receipt is your confirmation) or change of address.

• Orders are generally not processed immediately. We are doing our best to process and ship order every couple of weeks, but most of the time it can take more than that (but generally not more than a month, sometimes two).

• Expected delivery time (about one week for Canada, one to two weeks for the USA and three to four weeks for overseas -- this is NOT in any way a promise or a warranty, but simply an estimate) are calculated from the time the order is shipped and NOT from the time the order is made.

In order to save cost and improve delivery time, International and U.S. orders are mailed directly at the U.S. Postal Service (First Class / Air Mail). We try to do those mailings as often as possible, but they are very time-consuming for us (we have to drive over the US border, which take one hour and half each way) so there might by delays when we are busy.
Many variables can influence postal delivery (destination's location, peak period, holidays, weather, etc.) and it is very difficult to predict delivery time with accuracy. To know when the last batch of orders was shipped just check the “Order Status” entries in the blog. However, if your order is past the end of the standard delivery time (4 weeks after shipping for the USA, 6 weeks for overseas) and you still have not received anything, then you should contact us: your order might be lost (be aware however that it takes 75 days for a parcel to be officially considered lost by the postal service). If you do feel the need to send us an order inquiry, please include as much information as possible: full Name, Address and, if possible, date of the order. Without those information we cannot locate your order in our database.

And, please, send us an order inquiry BEFORE filing a dispute or claim with PayPal. Doing so will cause your payment to be frozen by PayPal and will only cause further delay for your order.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

[updated 2008/07/22, 2008/08/06, 2010/02/25, 2011/03/08]

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